A night-time tour in the Pärnu´s Old Town with storm lanterns


From 12€/person
City in the gloaming 1h 30min Walking tour Unique and engaging

Discover Pärnu in the gloaming

In the evening, Pärnu is magnificent. Although the streets and parks are empty of people, the air is full of legends and stories, including ghost stories. A mystical and slightly nerve-wracking tour of the city in the evening in the light of lanterns brings to life the city's most exciting legends and ghost stories. The tour starts and ends at the Tallinn Gate, taking you along the moat and the streets of the Old Town. For the best experience, we recommend planning the tour for the dark. If desired, ordering hot lime blossom tea and sweets to enhance the tour is also possible.

The most important sights

Admire the Old Town and its most important sights, such as Tallinn Gate, Red Tower, Elizabeth's Church, and Pärnu Town Hall.

Knowledgeable and friendly guide

Veronika Meibaum, a certified guide, will accompany you.

Ghost stories and legends

On tour, you will hear exciting stories and legends that introduce the history of Pärnu from a completely different angle.

Enhance the tour

Hot lime blossom tea with honey and sweets, if desired.


99€ / group (1-7 pax) 8+ people on the tour 12€ / person Hot tea and snacks 4,50€/pax

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