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Why I love guiding

My name is Veronika Meibaum. As a little girl, I spent a lot of time playing around the moat in Pärnu. I enjoyed adventuring among old trees and running up and down the stairs, letting my imagination fly. Over time, a more profound interest in the story of my hometown grew out of that childish excitement. My outstanding history teachers, who were able to arouse interest in the past, also played a role in this. As a guide, it gives me great pleasure to share my knowledge and surprise the listeners with exciting and memorable stories. It is my pleasure to show you the best of Pärnu!


Nomination for the award of Pärnu Tourism Developer 2021

Co-operation projects

We have helped to introduce Pärnu and Pärnu County to many influencers both from Estonia and abroad and have hosted journalists from numerous publications, for example: - Домашний очаг / Russia, 2017 - Boss Life / Russia, 2016 - Zew Północy / Poland, 2020 - Santa / Latvia 2021 - I´mperfekt / Latvia 2020

Making a tour a great experience

Pärnu Private Tours offers a diverse selection of excursions with a professional guide - from traditional to taste experience tours. We believe in fun and engaging tours. That's why you will hear many exciting stories and legends on our tours, as well as historical truth and essential facts. With more than seven years of experience, we have hosted numerous tours for all kinds of groups from all over the world. It has been a real privilege to show and tell the best of Pärnu and make the visits to Pärnu a great experience.

My name is Veronika Meibaum. I have been a certified tour guide since 2013.

It is always a great pleasure and privilege to show the guest of Pärnu the most beautiful places and tell the most engaging stories.

It will be my privilege to accompany you on your memorable tour of the most beautiful city in Estonia.

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