On the trails of summer vacationers. Pärnu Resort 185.



From 10€/person
Sights of resort area Up to 1 hour 45 minutes Opt for a bicycle tour

Resort since 1838

The sandy beach, warm seawater, and lush greenery are some of why Pärnu became one of the most beloved resorts in the Baltic Sea. Estonians, Russians, Finns and Swedes have always loved to spend their summers here. The more than 180-year-old resort continues to be young and vibrant, offering various options and a variety of entertainment. Step on the paths of vacationers and feel the true summer life in Pärnu. The tour starts at the Tallinn Gate. Along the way, we pass the former summer casino in Ammende Villa, the Ladies Beach, Kuursaal and the pavilions. Hear the great melodies of Raimond Valgre, admire the Mudaravila (Mud Baths) building, the central beach, the Beach House and the endless sea. Take a walk along the long Supeluse Street, pass the beautiful wooden villas, and return to the city centre again. The tour, with small stops, lasts about 1.5 hours. The excursion can also be booked on bicycles or electric scooters if desired.

See the main sights of the resort area

The Tallinn Gate, the breakwaters, Villa Ammende, Kuursaal, the sculpture of Raimond Valgre, Mudaravila (Mud Baths), the Beach House, the Beach Park, Supeluse Street.

Knowledgeable and friendly guide

Veronika Meibaum, a certified guide, will accompany you.

Hear more than just facts and numbers

Our tours are not limited to dates and facts but tell exciting stories and jokes.

A nice stroll

We consider all participants in our excursions and adjust the pace as needed.


75€ / group (1-7 pax) 8+ people on the tour 10€ / pax

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