Kid-friendly guided tour in Pärnu Old Town


From 6€/person
Perfect for kids 1 hour Walking tour Fun and playful A nice idea for a birthday party

Playful and fun sightseeing tour for kids

Why there is a train standing in the middle of the city? Why is the Red Tower white? How long is the shortest street in Pärnu? Whose horseshoe is it on top of the roof? Why does the Tallinn Gate face the wrong direction? Oh, so many questions! Don´t worry; we know the answers! Join us on a fun and playful walk in the Old Town of Pärnu and get all the answers to your questions! Each participant will get a sticker and sweets.

What will you see?

We pass by all the main important sights in the city centre and tell you what they are.

Friendly guide

The guide, Veronika Meibaum, is a teacher and a mother of three.

We speak your language

We will tell the stories in simple and captivating manner.

Active and playful

We know that standing still and listening is tiring for young kids. That is why there will be some games and fun activities on this tour.

Prices (kids)

2 persons on the tour 24€ / pax (child) 4 persons on the tour 12€ / pax (child) 6 persons on the tour 8€ / pax (child) 8+ persons on the tour 6€ / pax (child)

Sounds interesting? Feel free to contact us!

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