Guided tour in the Old Town of Pärnu with a visit to the Red Tower´s panoramic cinema


From 13,50€/person
Famous sights 1,5 hours up to 10 people per show

A journey through 15 000 years

The history of Pärnu dates back to 1251 when the Pärnu Cathedral of the Saare-Lääne diocese was built on the right bank of the river. A dozen years later, Uus-Pärnu (New Pärnu) was founded on the river's opposite bank. Uus-Pärnu later became the Hanseatic city, the university city, the birthplace of the Republic of Estonia and the first resort. Discover the rich history of Pärnu with exciting stories and legends on a walk in the Old Town and visit the only surviving part of Pärnu's medieval city fortification - the Red Tower. There, you will have an opportunity to see a unique panoramic animated film " Merciless and Merciful History. In the Red Tower through 15,000 years". NB! Important information: The Red Tower panoramic cinema session can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. Larger groups will be divided into smaller ones.

Sights in the Old Town

The tour starts at the Tallinn Gate and runs through the city centre to the Red Tower.

Knowledgeable and friendly guide

Veronika Meibaum, a certified guide, will accompany you.

From the founding of the city till the present day

You will hear and see an overview of the history and development of Vana-Pänu and Uus-Pärnu and eventually becoming one city.

A nice stroll in the Old Town

We consider all participants in our excursions and adjust the pace as needed.


2 persons on the tour 36,50€ / pax 4 persons on the tour 21,50€ / pax 6 persons on tour 16,50€ / pax 8+ persons on tour 13,50€ / pax

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